What to do in an Emergency

In the case of an emergency please phone 01293 884422 where you will be given instructions from a team member, depending on the nature of the problem.

During our normal opening hours, you will be seen as soon as possible.

In the case of an urgent problem outside of our opening hours, please call us, where our answerphone will provide our out of hours emergency clinic information.

What is an emergency?

  • Male cats straining to pass urine
  • Problems when giving birth
  • Road accidents
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Repeated or continuous fitting
  • Larger dogs with attempted vomiting and bloating of the abdomen
  • Wounds that are bleeding continuously
  • Collapse or loss of consciousness

If in doubt please phone for advice on 01293 884422

Client information:

  1. In case of emergency, please contact Harvest Veterinary Clinic by telephone on 01293 884422. If you require any advice, please contact the Clinic and a member of staff will help.
  2. If the Clinic is open, you will be requested to bring your animal to the Clinic immediately and you will be seen as an emergency appointment. Telephoning beforehand allows preparations to be made for your arrival – e.g. ensuring an examination room is available so you do not have to wait in the waiting room, and that a member of the veterinary staff is available to initiate first aid and assessment.
  3. If the Clinic is open and an animal arrives as an emergency without notice, the animal will be seen as soon as possible and is treated as a priority.
  4. At Harvest Veterinary Clinic, we will perform a home visit if requested. However, the suitability of a home visit for your pet will depend on the level of care your pet may need. For most emergencies, best treatment is available at the Clinic because of the support staff, equipment and range of medications available.
  5. We will endeavour to arrange a home visit on the day and time requested. However, this is not always possible depending on staff availability and cases at the Clinic. The charge for a home visit is significantly more than the cost of treatment at the Clinic and so please request an estimate.
  6. All animals kept overnight at the Clinic will be checked at appropriate times as decided by the attending veterinary surgeon. This will depend on the treatment required and the severity of their condition. Overnight arrangements will be discussed with you and an estimate of the cost of these arrangements will be given. A veterinary surgeon is always available, if required, for the overnight patients.
  7. If the Clinic is not open, you will hear an answering machine message. Vets, like doctors, now tend to use specialised emergency clinics, to care for patients out of hours. The message will refer you to our emergency out of hours service. This is run by Seers Croft Veterinary Surgery (which is also an independent veterinary practice).
  8. Seers Croft Veterinary Surgery full address is:

Tower Road, Faygate, Horsham, RH12 4SD Telephone 01293 851122

  1. On telephoning Seers Croft, you will be able to speak to a veterinary professional (nurse or vet) who will advise you if your animal needs to be seen as an emergency.
  2. It should normally take no longer than 15 Р20 minutes to drive from Harvest Veterinary Clinic in Maidenbower Square to Seers Croft Veterinary Surgery. If you take the A264 away from Crawley towards Faygate and Horsham, then take the 3rd exit off the Faygate Roundabout this is Tower Road. Seers Croft is signposted from this roundabout and is found a short distance along this road on the right hand side.
  3. It can be useful if you take any current medication that your pet has been prescribed.
  4. All treatment at Seers Croft will need to be paid for at the time. If your pet is insured, this treatment should be covered and can be claimed back. However, please note that there is usually an Excess to pay and the cover always depends on the Terms and Conditions of the policy.