Treadmill Hydrotherapy for Canines

Hydrotherapy is used predominantly for rehabilitation purposes and for the treatment of chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, and cruciate disease.

It increases strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness, in addition to strengthening injured and post surgical muscles. Hydrotherapy decreases pain and inflammation and slows the progression of degenerative diseases.

Since 2014, we have offered hydrotherapy here with our purpose built unit.

Talk to us today about how this latest technology can help treat the above conditions, or help with obesity and general fitness.

For more information contact Faye on 01293 884422 or by email on

Short Term Benefits:

  • Decreases pain perception
  • Increases sensory perception
  • Relaxation of muscle tension +/or muscle spasm
  • Decreases resting heart rate
  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Reduces oedema
  • Reduces frustration
  • Feeling of well being due to release of endorphins
 Long Term Benefits:
  • Increases range of motion and flexibility of joints
  • Decreases toxins and increases nutrients within the joint capsule
  • Increases muscle mass and strength which supports the joints
  • Increases muscle patterning – (using muscles in the correct order)
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Assists with weight loss
  • Decreases pain and inflammation
  • Slowing of progression of degenerative disease processes
  • Warmth of water increases the blood supply to surrounding soft tissues which reduces muscle spasm and stiffness
  • Earlier return to normal function

Hydrotherapy Opening Hours

Monday:  09.00-14.00

Wednesday:  14.30 – 20.00

Friday:  09.00 – 14.00

Prices from

Fitness single session – £29.88
Fitness block of 10 – £268.85
Therapeutic single session – £40.01
Therapeutic block of 10 – £360.34
Most insurance companies will cover the cost of therapeutic sessions under the complimentary therapy section of the policy. Please check your pet insurance policy documents.
Fred Broke his cruciate ligament in mid June. Chris worked his magic and patched him up. Laser treatment followed. I was then advised to have hydrotherapy. I took a bit of convincing. It is now October and Fred is back to normal. I cannot recommend Faye and the Hydrotherapy Unit more highly – he has put back all the muscle he lost and is fighting fit. Apart from the fact that he hates clean water, he loves Faye and the whole process.

THANK YOU very much for all the effort. Deb Duggan

Missy my 13 year old collie cross ruptured her cruciate in her left hind leg in November 2013.

Chris successfully operated and after her Laser treatment was completed, recommended that Missy had Hydryotherapy. When Missy started the therapy her back leg muscles were so weak that it caused her to walk on her hocks. She has two sessions a week and the change in her walking ability, muscle gain, general health and outlook on life has been incredible.

Faye has been patient and has built up a lovely relationship with Missy – who does have trust issues! I can’t thank Faye and Lisa enough for all their hard work and encouragement.

Missy continues with her sessions as I see this as a continual health benefit. Gail Richman

My American Labrador Buddy aged 13yrs and 8mths has arthritis in multiple joints. He was very stiff, had almost total muscle wastage in his hind legs, sometimes struggling to hold himself up for any period of time.

Buds started hydrotherapy with Faye in October 2015, the difference in him from then to now is almost unbelievable. In the beginning I wondered would it actually really help Buds. Without a shadow of a doubt it has made ALL the difference. He’s even got a bit of muscle built up in his hind legs again, and his stamina has hugely improved! Faye is amazing at what she does, and genuinely cares about Buddy. She has been patient, and built a lovely rapport with him, (and me!) stealing cuddles and kisses from him where she can! Through some really tough times with Buds she’s been a rock!

Buddy has also been having laser treatment on his rear end and his front carpal.. again it has helped him massively. He used to limp quite heavily on his front left leg and now he doesn’t. Buddy used to love a tennis ball but for the past 18mths hasn’t been interested – Until now!!!  Watching him actually be able to run after a ball again is amazing! 🙂 Really cannot thank Faye or recommend her and hydrotherapy enough.. without her I’m convinced that Buddy wouldn’t still be here. I really didn’t think Buds would see his 13th Birthday. He did, and now we are planning for his 14th in July…!

THANK YOU!!! Casey and Buddy Boo

Pixie is an 8 year old springer spaniel; who in the last 2 years has undergone cruciate ligament surgery on both legs.  Her latest surgery resulted in muscle wastage and I was recommend thread mill hydro therapy to assist her recovery.

We have been lucky enough to find Faye at Harvest vets; only wish we had known sooner! 

Faye has been amazing with Pixie in her recovery, she has provided excellent care and Pixie loves going to see Faye weekly and can’t get into the thread mill quick enough.  Pixie now shows no concerns from her surgery she is fit and well, has excellent muscles and is now back to competing at agility.

Pixie shall be continuing to see Faye for maintenance therapy. I can only express my thanks to Faye & Julia for helping Pixie to get fit again, and highly recommend for recovery after surgery or maintenance. 

Ps-Pixie says they have great biscuits too. Woof  Vanessa Leach