Cruciate Rupture and Disease

The cruciate ligament is a complex structure within the stifle (knee).  it is responsible for providing a major part of the stability within the joint. If it is damaged and not appropriately treated both quickly and with the correct technique then this can lead to progressive and increased levels of arthritis, pain and restricted movement.  Commonly cruciate disease is mistaken for hip or back problems.

There are a number of different techniques available for the problem and depending on the degree and type of damage, the breed and and your pets natural conformation dictates what is most appropriate. Cruciate surgery is classified as complex specialist surgery and as such many practices will refer you or offer only basic surgery such as lateral line sutures. Cruciate surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed at Harvest due to the experience and expertise of our vets and nurses who assist us in these surgeries.

All surgery is used to restore the functional integrity of the joint and so speeding up recovery, reducing pain, decreasing the progression of arthritis and maximising the possibility of return to an active mode of life.  The longer the time frame between trauma and surgery the greater will be the arthritis developing in the joint.