Here at Harvest Veterinary Clinic we have a purpose built state-of-the-art radiology suite with lead lined walls and doors. The ultra high power x-ray generator reaches up to 125,000 volts and is able to freeze movement at 1/000 of a second. This enables high quality radiographs without any movement blur to be taken. The radiographs are produced on an ultra high definition x-ray viewer in less than 3 seconds (on some systems this can be as much as 5.5 minutes) before being simultaneously exported to the pets notes, external hard drive and the cloud. This maintains secure protection of this valuable data and enables easy emailing of the radiographs to any specialist anywhere in the world.

The specially made 2m floating, low friction table enables the easy movement and highly accurate positioning of even the heaviest of dogs.

The combination of the high power, fast speeds, and 3 second processing power enables radiography procedures to be rapid, accurate and safe and so minimises anaesthetic times for the pet concerned at the same time as producing high quality diagnostic images.